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Soil Conservation District Achievement Award Winners


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Brandon and Lacey Koenig
The Overall Achievement Award Winner

Brandon and Lacey Koenig and children Cedar, Saige, Briggs, and Bridger farm NE of Woodworth ND. The Koenig’s have been transitioning their farm to a regenerative agriculture system. since 2014 42,000 ft of windbreaks have been established, a 999 head Ag Waste system was put in. In 2018 their operation went full no-till, with crop rotation, nutrient management, cover crops, buffer strips and the utilization of winter feeding on cropland. Stutsman county SCD would like to congratulate the Koenigs.

Please let the office know if you have anyone to nominate for future years!


  • Backyard and Urban Conservation Award

  • Wildlife Conservation Award

  • Range Conservation Award

  • Education Award

  • Tree Maintenance Award

  • Farmstead Windbreak Award

  • Soil Health Award

  • Field Windbreak Award

  • Overall Achievement Winner

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