Soil Conservation District Achievement Award Winners


Tony and Chantil Wagner
The Overall Achievement Award Winner

Please let the office know if you have anyone to nominate for future years!


  • Backyard and Urban Conservation Award

  • Wildlife Conservation Award

  • Range Conservation Award

  • Education Award

  • Tree Maintenance Award

  • Farmstead Windbreak Award

  • Soil Health Award

  • Field Windbreak Award

  • Overall Achievement Winner

Tony and Chantil Wagner and children Lennon and Riggs are a 4th generation farm. They have had up to 750 head in a permitted Ag Waste facility finishing yearlings out and running up to 250 pairs. Tony is an advocate on improving soil health, doing many dirt workshops, café talks, and speaking at Farming for The Bottom Line. The Wagner’s are a minimal/no-till operation having an 8-crop rotation utilizing a 3 to 4 mix cover crop on any early harvested crop. They are most proud of the changes they have made to improving their soil quality and learned that every field is different so treat each one differently. The Stutsman County SCD would like to congratulate Tony and Chantil Wagner.