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for 2023 planting season


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"Plants that Deer Like and Dislike"

Trees and Products for Sale

SCD Tree Planting Prices:  $40 per 100 feet ($400 min.)

Weed Barrier Fabric: .60 per foot

$150 per 500 ft. roll

$60 per 100 feet for fabric applied by SCD ($600 min.)

Fabric Staples: 0.20 each

Flags: Short $8.00/bundle  Tall $9.00/bundle

Handplant Tree Prices:

Conservation-Grade Trees: $2.00 each

Bundle of 25 Conservation Grade: $45.00/bundle

2’-4’ Trees: $4.00 each/ where available

1 Gallon: $12.00 each (Conifers only where available)

Tree Tubes (Tube and stake) $9.00 each

Tree Mats $4.00 each

Plantskydd Deer Repellant

3.5 lb Granular   $29.95 (1750 sq. ft)

1 Qt. bottle Premixed: $21.95

1.32 gal Premixed: $59.95

1 lb. box (makes 4 qts) $29.95

1 Qt. pump sprayer (Empty) $12.95

PureSpray Green (Kills Insects)  $19.99

Clear Choice (Kills Weeds) $19.99

Equipment Offered by the Stutsman County SCD
To schedule Call 701-252-2521 ext 3
Ask for Dustin
No-Till 8 Row
Interseeding Planter
$20.00/ac - 175 acre maximum

In order to increase biodiversity, benefit soil health and increase nutrient cycling, cover crops are interseeded into growing corn.  Emphasis is placed on other crop types such as cool season legumes and broadleaves, and cool season grasses.  The planter can be rented for this purpose as well as for seeding corn.

Hayfield and pasture aeration increases productivity.  As the aerator's blades spiral into the ground, slicing through the rhizomes, it stimulates growth and breaks up soil compaction.  With the aerator's "No-Till" system, the ground behind remains smooth and not turned over like old conventional methods.  Aeration increases productivity by keeping soils loosened and opened up to allow fertilizer and rain to absorb, eliminating erosion and runoff. Also useful in CRP Maintenance.

We provide a tractor and operator, with the aerator for $17.00/acre plus fuel
Manure Composter
We provide a tractor and operator with the composter for $50.00/hr

The Manure Composter provides the following:

- Reduction in total manure mass of over 50%.

- The end product from the process is not considered manure, but is a soil amendment.  This allows additional amounts to be added in fields.

- The compost product is easy to spread without the hassle of lumps or excessive twine.

- The compost process allows breakdown of most organic materials including dead animals.

- Retains nutrients more efficiently for use in crop production. 

- Useful for spreading on no-till fields. Correct applicatiion will not result in seedling damage.

John Deere 1590
15' No-Till Drill
Delivered for $50.
Cost of drill use is $10/acre. Minimum charge of $100
if less than 10 acres.
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