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Stewardship Week
April 25th- 29th 2021
"Healthy Soil"


Stewardship Week is one of the largest national programs to promote natural resource conservation and reminds us of our individual responsibilities to care for natural resources. 

The booklets have information as well as activities and is for K-8th grade and comes in 4 levels.

Level 1 is for K-1st; Level 2 is 2nd-3rd; Level 3 is 4th-5th; and Level 4 is 6th-8th.

There is more information and additional worksheets located toward the bottom of the website

North Dakota Eco-Ed Program

 Stutsman County 6th Graders enjoy a beautiful September day each year at

Pipestem Dam Recreation Area learning about Natural Resources.

Enjoy the slideshow!

Eco-Ed Fall 2017

For more information on the North Dakota Eco-Ed programs check out:

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